Celebrities We Love With ADHD Who Rule Hollywood

ADHD celebrities
I wonder where celebrities like Jim Carrey shops for his fidget spinner…

ADHD Celebrities, wait, WHAT?

If celebrities didn’t have enough problems with stalkers, paparazzi, and people wanting their autograph all the time, they deal with regular issues too. ADHD coupled with being in the spotlight wreaks havoc in the public and professional lives.  Before Robert Downey, Jr., became Iron Man, his ADHD, and drug use almost cost him his career. 

If you were anything like me in the early 2000s, I was on the side of the fence that didn’t believe in it. I thought children were just being bad and parents were being wimps. Yes, I know, ouch.

When my daughter was diagnosed I got a taste of my own medicine. My “friends”  snubbed their noses and didn’t believe me.  Thank God my juvenile justice system colleagues were supportive.

ADHD is a hard road to travel alone

It takes a village of family, friends, prayer, diet, sometimes meds and counseling to get through the journey. Until a few weeks ago, I thought I was all alone on this journey.

The last counselor told me that kids with ADHD go on to do big things. I didn’t believe it at the time because my son was kicked out of his second daycare. I found myself pouting and wanting an easier road.

Celebs with ADHD
ADHD can be lonely too

Do you feel this way too?

Raising children isn’t an easy task anyway, but raising a child with learning disabilities is a whale of a challenge. If your child is in public school, there may be resources available, but a homeschool parent flies solo. It’s a never-ending battle between your child’s behavior, insurance companies, and doctors who think they know your child better than you.

What his last therapist said didn’t hit me until a few days ago. I was doing some research on my last blog when I ran across a link regarding celebrities with ADHD. I have to tell the truth when I say some people are more obvious than others, achoo! Jim Carrey, I mean bless you.

There are some big names out there who have done well despite unfair labels like troublemaker, lazy, and never going to amount to anything.  The list was long but I managed to narrow it down to a few of my favorite people I love to see in film, sports, TV, music, and business.


Justin Timberlake

I’ll let you whip me if…

First on my list is my boy, Justin. He sings, dances, acts and used to date, Cameron Diaz. I’m sorry, I’m an older chick so I’m team Cameron, not Jessica Biel.

Back to reality Bonnie, before he won Grammys, acted, and made my then teen-aged daughter swoon, he was diagnosed with ADHD.



JT is from my hometown of Memphis. This one came as a shock, I just thought he was a prankster.  I thought he liked to be goofy so people wouldn’t remember he was in the Mickey Mouse club once up a time.


Jamie Oliver

Spaghetti anyone?


You have to love a man who can cook and trying to save children from obesity and tooth loss one bite at a time.

 As a child, celebrity chef Jamie was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. In a 2015 interview with DailyMail UK, Jamie says he was pulled out of classes to go to special need sessions. Jamie says changing his diet helped his ADHD and encourages parents to eliminate foods that may trigger ADHD symptoms.


Will Smith


And you thought he was naturally funny, it’s the ADHD

All hail the Fresh Prince! Hollywood’s billion dollar man has ADHD!  His class clown antics were a disguise for his shortcomings, but with hard work, he made Oscar nominations out of those lemons.

Consequently, if you watch reruns of the Fresh Prince, you can see Will’s mouth moving while other actors are saying their lines. If you notice your kiddo’s lips moving while you’re teaching, this may be a coping mechanism or a tool to retain information.


Michael Phelps

It was the “H” that helped him score 4 medals

Despite losing a race to a computer generated shark, this gold medal phenom is still a winner in my book.  Michael’s ADHD was discovered at age 9.  His mom, the charming Debbie Phelps, shared her experience with Everyday Health.

Debbie’s story resonates with a lot of mothers. Michael’s pre-K years resembles my son’s. Keith’s inability to stay on task,  incessant talking and fidgeting drove his teachers, classmates, and us up a wall.

 The good news is Keith loves to swim.  Olympics 2028 here we come!


Howie Mandel


Did you touch my hand sanitizer?


Next, this actor, comedian, and host, brought many television and movie audiences laughter over the years. When’s he’s not hosting America’s Got Talent, he’s avoiding germs like the plague.


Howie has a little OCD going on in terms of his germophobia. He doesn’t shake hands with the contestants and you may see him constantly reach in his pocket. No worries, he’s just making sure his hand sanitizer is within reach.


Michelle Rodriguez


Fast and Fabulous

Before the Fast and Furious franchise, Michelle struggled in school like most kids yet that didn’t keep her from scoring a role on one of TV’s favorite drama Lost.


Michelle plays a lot of tough characters in her films. I’m no movie critic, but my guess is she draws upon her experience with ADHD. Michelle explained in 2016 interview that she didn’t want to take medication even though it may have affect career as a future director and writer.


Solange Knowles



Come sit at my table


Yes, she’s Beyonce’s sister, but make no mistake about it, she’s a star. Before she made elevators interesting again, Solange was a backup singer and songwriter to her sister’s Grammy-winning group Destiny’s Child. Solange made her acting debut in the Johnson’s Family Vacation.


Despite the rumors of being a hothead (cheat on my sister and I’ll dot your eye too), she’s a lyrical genius. Solange won her first Grammy last year for her groundbreaking CD A Seat at the Table


Whoopi Goldberg


Academy Award, Grammy, Emmy, and Tony-winning actress (Ghost), comedian (HBO, etc), host (The View) philanthropist, singer (Sister Act) wearer of dreads and tells you what’s on her mind in a heartbeat, Whoopi Goldberg, formerly known as Caryn Johnson has ADHD and dyslexia.

Whoopi was referred to as dumb or retarded by her peers but her mother, her strongest advocate, told her to pay those jerks no mind. Whoopi credits her ADHD and dyslexia for giving her the courage to think differently.  So there.


Emma Watson


This disease has a name



Before she gave the boys a run for their money at Hogwarts and tamed the monster in the enchanting live-action story Beauty and the Beast, Emma was diagnosed with ADHD in her childhood.

Aside from being a terrific actress, Emma has a degree in English from Brown and is a United Nations Women’s Ambassador.


Eva Longoria


Tony Parker who?

Finally, this Corpus Christi, Texas, native, and former Desperate Housewife diva Gabby Solis made us shout Hallejenuah on Sunday nights with her cutthroat one-liners. My favorite Gabby line, “don’t high jack a Ferrari, if you don’t know how to drive” has ADHD.

Eva disclosed this information after DH series created an episode about a character’s addiction to Ritalin. Eva takes Ritalin to control her ADHD.  





So there you have it. This is only the tip of the iceberg. I can probably fill my next two blogs about celebrities who have this disease. There were many other names I could’ve included like the sexy Ryan Gosling, beloved Robin Williams and Joan Rivers, RIP.


Yes, Harvard dropout, multi-billionaire Bill Gates has it too.


Pardon me, have you seen my bank account?







And if my list didn’t make it plainer, let me say it loud and clear. ADHD doesn’t mean your child can’t succeed. He or she won’t spend their lives wandering aimlessly from job to job either. With patience, guidance, and understanding, they can make someone’s top 10 list too. 


ADHD Celebrities
And the ADHD goes to…



By the way, can you think of any other celebrities? Likewise, do you suspect a famous person has it? In other words, feel free to share!




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