Focalin product review for January 2018

Focalin, ADHD medication for Impulse Control/Hyperactivity

February 2018

First things first, this isn’t a paid review. This is my personal review of a medication my son is currently taking.

A little backstory first, after my son was diagnosed, we knew medication would be the next step. Therapy could only do so much as he was hitting, bitting, spitting, anyone who crossed his path. He couldn’t sit still constantly, interrupted others, and couldn’t stay on task at his daycare.

The only med that was approved at the time of his age was Adderall. Adderall gets a bad rap for many reasons, yet I was assured by the provider and a couple of friends who still take the meds as they have adult ADHD, it was fine. The sides for Keith was like an outer body experience, he was there, but the tiniest thing, like an ant crawling on a leaf would have him mesmerized.

When the medicine wore off, his behavior seemed to get worse, and then the Adderall had no effect at all. My doctor recommended another drug that rumored to achieve great results. The only problem is he had to be six years old.

After a rough semester of Pre-K and a long, hot summer, he turned six and I was ready for this miracle drug.

The doctor peddled back. He didn’t feel comfortable giving it to him because he started to gain weight over the summer. I was a little dumbfounded.

Why get my hopes up and then take it away?

After a little nudging, I asked him to recommend something else because the Adderall didn’t produce any results. His doctor prescribed Focalin.

I did my research and it seemed like it may work.

My honest opinion? Focalin isn’t working as well either.

ADHD meds should be tailored to the individual

I’m not knocking it, but I know what works for Billy, might not doing Bobby any good. I went back 3 months later and asked him to increase the dose to 5 mg. He was hesitant but did as I asked. The 5mg works, but again, his focus is still off even when it’s just the two of us homeschooling together.

As much as I hate to say it, I will be looking for other medication, not because I want to fix him as the doctor put it so insensitively on our last visit. I want my son to be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

I received a lot of support from my Facebook group, Homeschooling the ADHD Child. They shared their own stories of the journey to finding the right meds, treatments, and doctors for their children.

Wish me luck and keep us in prayer!

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