The ADHD No Judgment Zone featuring Abby Banks

Beating the Odds One Step at a Time

Max has ADHD, Autism, OCD, and Anxiety
Max and his sister Madelyn

Before homeschooling my son

My son is 10 and quite quirky. He has Autism, ADHD, OCD, and anxiety. His 4th-grade year in public school was a disaster. I was constantly being called to speak with him or to pick him up. He was being shifted from classroom to classroom or to the social worker, the counselor, or the principal. I understand the need for classroom control, but, I truly felt as well as my son, that he just wasn’t wanted there. I also felt like he wasn’t learning anything.

How homeschooling helped him

After Christmas break, I decided to withdraw him from public school and homeschool him. I researched teaching methods, curriculums, and homeschool laws. Maintaining focus to follow lessons is a huge challenge for my son plus he was soooo far behind. Changing his ADHD meds helped, but, working full-time as a single mom posted many trials. However, I’m determined to make this work. One positive thing that he took away from being homeschooled was that his schedule accommodated for his occupational therapist to work closely with him for several months. He learned some very useful self-care habits. The best thing was that his self-esteem skyrocketed! His excitement for learning and interacting soared!

One step at a time

Unfortunately, I don’t have a support system and at the same time, I’m dealing with an adoption which is very time consuming aside from work. I don’t like that in the meantime, I may have to re-enroll him in public school. (The very same school who disregarded him in the first place!! After he was turned down to several charter schools) We face many challenges every day. A lot of the issues are the same. I am very happy that Always Be Learning tutoring and learning center is opening and that kids will have another option.

My advice would be to join a support group and ask for help when needed. We are superwomen, but, even then everyone needs a helping hand.

I hope this helps someone.