Dump Boring Holiday Traditions! Try These New Ones Instead

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Traditions your homeschoolers will love

Here’s how people over 40 talk about traditions. Where has the year gone and can you believe Christmas will be here Monday?  Where did the time go?


And I’m officially OLD.


All jokes aside, it’s most wonderful time of the year, sorry I couldn’t resist.  There’s a certain magic in my son’s eyes when he talks about Santa and decorating the tree. I get to relive my childhood through his eyes as he discovers classics like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the original though I really love Ron Howard’s interpretation.)


 Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas TV Version


Some traditions call for baking cookies, opening presents on Christmas Eve, or visiting relatives both far and near. Dang, it I’m doing it again! Can’t you tell I do love Christmas?


Yet times have changed. We can Skype our family members cutting down the ‘are we there yet’ in long distance driving. We’ve replaced Nana’s recipes with gluten-free cookies and passed on the red dye number 40 saturating my favorite Red Velvet Cake.


At the risk of sounding like the Grinch, how Christmas-y can it be when the sales start right after Labor Day?


I digress.


The wonderful thing about traditions is the ability to evolve. Honestly, who says love, honor, and OBEY anymore? If we can change that outdated mantra, we can introduce new holiday traditions that your homeschoolers will want to pass on to theirs.


Ugly Sweater Day

Dude, the glasses don’t help your situation


This one isn’t really new, but how many families do this on Christmas day? Instead of letting the kids mess up their new clothes before they have a chance to show them off, go to a thrift store, buy some sweaters, get out the craft box and let them make the ugliest sweater they can.  Wear them on Christmas day and let all your Facebook family and friends get a good laugh.


Here’s a link I found on how to make an ugly sweater.  If you really want to have fun, then get your friends involved. Post them on social media and have a contest. The winner gets bragging rights for the year.


Christmas with Compassion


Compassion, the first step to healing


Nursing and shelter homes are opened year round. Do yourself and your waistline a solid and take some of those home-baked goods to the staff who have to work the holidays. You can share with the elderly too but call first to find out if there are any restrictions.


Here’s another thought and it may not be too late. Call the nursing home and ask if there are residents who don’t receive holiday visitors. Last minute stocking stuffers like blankets, lotions, costume jewelry, and scrapbooks are easy to find in any discount store.


For next year, consider Adopt  A Senior programs in your community. After all, this is the season of giving.


Jeopardy, the Christmas Edition


Let the reindeer games begin



cardboard box

  • Box cutter
  • packing tape (optional)
  • Post it notes
  • index cards or something to write your questions on
  • pad and pencil to keep score


Other things: Glitter, glue, paint, markers, and anything else to make your board super!


This one you can make at home. Hint: it’s also a great learning tool. All you need is at least two players and someone to ask the monitor the board.


You have enough time to make this game before Christmas especially if you involve the kids.


First, use the box cutter to open a cardboard to a rectangular or square shape. Next tape down any gaps with packing tape. Then let the children decorate the board Christmas style the night before just make sure to leave enough space to add columns. 


If you’re pressed for time, you can limit the number columns.Remember this doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect. Make it fun and hide bonus questions!


Cut out squares made from construction paper or to speed it up you can use post-it note so under each note, you can add numbers for points.


Next, write your Christmas questions using the index cards. They can be about anything Christmas related, biblical or not, it’s up to you.


Winner gets to open one present on Christmas eve or gets to do something you would normally wait to do on Christmas day! If you have a big family, you can divide the group into two teams and make the losing team sing a Christmas carol to your neighbors.


There you have it! Christmas comes once a year. As homeschoolers, let teach our kids it’s about more than an extended holiday and getting expensive gifts. Let’s show them how to create memorable moments.




How about you? Do you have some non-traditional ideas you’d like to share? I’d love to read them and share them on my Facebook page.


Have a safe holiday season!



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2 thoughts on “Dump Boring Holiday Traditions! Try These New Ones Instead

  1. I really love this! I wish I found it a little sooner. So far we just wake up in our Christmas pj’s and open presents/take pictures like that, but I would really love making the ugly sweater a new tradition as well! We will have to wait until next year, though, because our Christmas Eve is packed. Ugh!

    1. We’re in ths middle of selling our home so we can’t do it this year. I thought it would be fun to share. I can’t wait until next Christmas.

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