Mom & Dad, homeschooling won’t ruin your kids!

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I know, because I thought the same thing 

By Bonnie Harris Price 

I’m a little over a month with homeschooling my son. Everything was great at first until I realized why everything was great at first. The first few days were easy for us because his brain was fresh from what he learned the one month he was in kindergarten. 

However, the next two weeks I felt like I was ready to tear my hair out. Don’t get me wrong, I expected my son to be fidgety, lack focus, and a regular six-year-old. What I didn’t expect is how hard I would be on myself.I honestly thought I would be good at teaching. I was a good student and the teacher’s pet. I’ve worked with kids in Sunday school.


Heck, I graduated cum laude. I missed Magna Cum Laude by four tenths. Yes, it still bothers me to this day. 

So why am I having a hard time teaching my son? I should have this down packed right? Wrong! 

Let me be the billionth person to say teachers do not get paid enough. Next to parenting, it’s a thankless job. The 3-month vacation and extra holidays are well deserved, so leave the teachers alone. 

When it was time for Keith to learn something else, I wasn’t sure if I was doing a good job. I was frustrated, but of course, I blamed his ADHD. My methods weren’t working.  

For reading, I tried sounding out letters with him to help him learn. I blew the dust off my brain and sang songs to help him write letters. I downloaded bootleg apps to help him trace letters. 

When he wasn’t getting it, I gave up and tried again the next day. Some days were better than others, but soon I found myself worrying if I had made a mistake. My son is already on medication, but maybe I ask his doctor for something else that would make him focus so he can be in a real classroom. 

Did you ever feel that way too? 

Every day I found myself a little more anxious. I will be honest with you. A couple of time I cut learning time from one hour to 15 minutes because I didn’t feel confident he was getting what he needed. 

I belong to several home school groups on Facebook. I reached out for help, but couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone I felt like a failure. I spent hours reading posts about people who were having the same issues but couldn’t bring myself to admit I had that in common with them. 

Just yesterday, my son and I were on our way to watch budding scientists create rockets. This event takes place once a month in Schertz, Texas. My son loves cars, trains, and planes so I know this will be something he’d enjoy and maybe learn something from someone since I couldn’t. 

I know, ouch. 

Thanks to Google Maps, I was driving in circles. So not only couldn’t I teach, I couldn’t find an open field where they were launching rockets! I put the radio on to distract my son while I said some not so nice words under my breath. 

Then all of a sudden, I heard a voice say, “Mama, I see my popcorn words, I. That’s right isn’t it Mama?” 

I glanced at the display and almost peed my pants. “Yes.” I shouted, “I see another popcorn word too! Y-o-u.” 

“Y-o-u spells you!” 

“Yes, that’s right!” 

Talk about a proud mama moment. My son recognized two sight words. I did something right! 

Mom and Dad, I get it. If you’re new to homeschooling like me, it can be really frustrating when you think you don’t know what you’re doing. I was kicking myself for not being perfect and he was learning something all along. 

Mom and Dad, I want you to understand, you’re doing your very best. You’re not going to get everything right, but as long as you keep trying, your children will flourish under your teaching. 

We got into homeschooling because we want to give our children the gift of learning. Your children are wonderful individuals and deserve to be treated like people, not numbers.

Here are some helpful resources I found online to help you build on your teaching kids. 

Read this! 



How about you? Do you feel like you have absolutely no clue or what you’re doing? Do you feel like you’re doing a terrible job? Please share your thoughts below in the comment section or feel free to share your story on the No Judgement Zone page.  I’d love to hear it!


Until then, remember all children are created extraordinary! 

Bonnie Harris Price 


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